It’s that time of year again, which many either love or dread. The notorious Christmas party is just around the corner:  plenty of cheap booze and supermarket canapés to get things moving; that suspect Christmas jumper and equally suspect secret Santa; and let’s not forget the mistletoe enthusiast eager for a Christmas kiss. Sound familiar?

Your Christmas party doesn’t have to imitate a scene from the first Die Hardmovie series. Instead it can be a great opportunity to do something different, more in keeping with the season of goodwill and cheer. So, why not turn your Christmas party into a networking community event instead?

People see networking events as very corporate and business-like events – everyone hides behind their business persona, and you very rarely get to see the person beneath the mask.  Perhaps it’s the business-like environment and the fact that it is a networking event which keeps the mask in place?  However, change the context to a more party-like atmosphere and people are more likely to come out of hiding. It’s a fun way to build positive relationships with other businesses, as you get to know the people behind them.

It’s also a great way to build a business support network.  Having your own business can be quite lonely as the buck always stops with you. So, it’s a great way to share your highs, lows and experiences. Businesses are all about people and if you want to build strong support networks, partnerships or collaborations, then one of the best ways to start is by building meaningful relationships with people in other businesses.  It’s a more relaxed and informal way to get to know other businesses in your area, whilst exploring new possibilities for doing business too.

It’s also an effective way to problem-solve – you can guarantee that for every business problem you might have, there will be someone else who will have a solution. It’s also an opportunity to get a different perspective too and can offer you new opportunities for growing and running your business effectively. This is especially true if you are a start-up or have just set up in a new area. Who better to talk to about local customers than those in the know?

Growing your business community in your local area can only be a win-win for everyone. It’s a great way to spread the message of strong community ties.  And with the aid of the Zapp Active App to help customers pinpoint you in the locality with its location-base technology, you can take your business and community to the next level.  So, get the mince pies and mulled wine ready and let the festivities begin!

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