There is no doubt that the millennial market has had a significant impact on business, whatever the size, especially when it comes to marketing and accessibility. The traditional style of marketing and advertising has had little impact on this group who are the first generation to have grown up with the internet and the innovative smartphone.

In fact, millennials depend on their smartphone for a variety of work and leisure activities – more so than any other generation. According to a report commissioned by Live Person, 65% of Millennials interact more with each other, digitally, than they do in the real world.

Consequently, it’s no surprise that the way to reach this group is by entering the matrix of the digital world, whatever the size of your business. And there is further evidence to suggest that this growing and inevitable trend is expanding beyond the millennial market too. More and more consumers from other generations are adopting the millennial mindset – and for good reason.

Millennials are less focused on monetary gain and more on wellbeing, timesaving, convenience and ease. In the last few years businesses such as Uber, Pay as You Gymand Let’s Eat, have capitalised on this trend and skyrocketed as a consequence. They have adopted a strategy of making it easy for their customers to find them and access their flexible service by targeting Millennials through their favourite technology – the smartphone app.

Anyone who is really serious about growing their business and customer base would should educate themselves on how they can incorporate this technology as part of their business strategy. It’s no longer enough to just have a mobile friendly website, the new mobile trend is the app which makes you available to millennial and other customers all of the time.

Neither is it just the province of big businesses. More and more small to medium businesses are realising the importance of being app visible, particularly if they want to target the growing millennial customer base. With competition rife on the high street, businesses are having to find innovative and creative ways to raise their business’s profile. And now they have the technology to do it.

Zapp Active is a new, innovative app that gives millennials and other customers the freedom and opportunity to discover your business through its targeted technology. Where ever you are in the country, being an early adopter of Zapp Active means that you can stay ahead of the game when it comes to meeting the needs of millennials.

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