It might be a common belief that after Christmas Day, business and consumer spending dies down. However, the six days after Christmas are equally popular with 20% of store traffic happening between Christmas and New Year.

For many, Boxing Day is traditionally sales shopping day and you can see a crowd of eager shoppers up at the crack of dawn, determined to bag the best bargains.  But the festive period is also a time when families get together and travel the length and breadth of the country to spend quality time together. However, after the excitement of Christmas Day and a whole 24hrs with their family, some might feel in need of some space, or at the very least, something to distract them - a prime opportunity for local businesses to step up with a few well-planned,post-Christmas activities and events.

It’s a great opportunity to get together with other members of your local business community and keep the spirit of Christmas spending alive.

For example, local businesses can support each other by promoting other local businesses. It might be as simple as having coupons or leaflets of other businesses on your till counter or offering them to customers. Or you might offer reduced costs if customers shop at participating businesses.  Alternatively, you could partner up with businesses that complement your own and collaborate on providing an extended service for customers e.g. if you’re a salon and boutique, you might offer customers a fantastic offer for their New Year’s Eve Bash.

Get creative and consider offering a shopping event in collaboration with other businesses or have something festive and fun taking place in your store. Create something that is quirky to pique customer interest. It could be a child-friendly event such as making thank you cards, or a pet-centred event where you offer pet treats and a cutest pet competition. It’s a great way to get the whole family involved and provide an alternative experience, as well as get people to visit your shop.

If you’re feeling really adventurous, you could get together with other local businesses and launch a festive treasure hunt competition, so that clues can be found in each shop.  This means that each shop that participates will have potential customers stepping through their doors. Even if they don’t buy whilst in there, you might entice them to come back with a discount voucher. At the very least, people will know where you are and are likely to remember based on their memorable experience of the treasure hunt.

Ultimately, your local business community can continue the festive celebrations after Christmas Day and welcome in the New Year with some fun, laughter and sound marketing where everyone is a winner. You can also support your marketing efforts by getting even more active with the Zapp Active App. With its location-based technology, your business is guaranteed to be found on the community map.

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