We are entering the season to be jolly, with mistletoe and wine and the Christmas festivities filling the air. No greater time to cultivate that community spirit and grow your business.

Getting involved in your community is big business these days as it raises your visibility and credibility. It demonstrates your commitment to your community that builds a bond and builds your brand.

There are many ways in which you can become involved in your community, whether it is sponsoring the local football team, taking part in local charitable events by donating a gift, taking part in a fete or giving a discount to local charities and groups. This might seem counter-intuitive as you appear to be doing all the giving, but what you are doing is building a loyal customer base by showing your commitment to your community.  

And your community involvement needn’t stop there. Local businesses are integral to their communities, not only for their convenience and service they offer, but also to the education of young people. Offering work experience placements is another great way to gain visibility and promote your business, as is offering volunteering opportunities.  

It’s all about values and corporate social responsibility. In the last decade,the number of businesses who have adopted corporate social responsibility (CSR) within their code of conduct has soared to more than 90%. The top 250 corporations take this very seriously and consequently document their annual performance relating to CSR. The buzzword is about doing good and making a difference.

Consider the banned IcelandChristmas advert recently, which shares the plight of the orangutan due to deforestation and the harvesting of non-sustainable palm oil. It takes its corporate social responsibility to the next level and, consequently, has gained the support of over 800,000 people who have signed the petition to lift the ban.

The growing trend of the conscious consumer means that more and more customers are seeking out businesses who want to make a difference. And your business could be one of those that does, especially with a little help from the Zapp Active App: a community app that will light up your business like a Christmas tree. The Zapp Active appenables your business to appear on a local map and search engine, wherever you are.  Plus, there are no algorithms involved, so you needn’t worry about search engine optimization,because your business will always show up in the area people are searching in. It’s also simple, transparent and easy to access at a touch of a button.

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