English Tourism week is only a week away, (30 March – 7 April) and is a great opportunity for organisations to raise awareness about the tourist hotspots in their area.

English tourism makes a significant contribution to local economies and English Tourism Week is a great way to kick-start the tourist season. You might even discover tourist hotspots in your area that you never knew existed.  For example, do you know where your nearest National Trust or English Heritage site is?  

With more and more people preferring to stay at home rather than go abroad (53%), English Tourism Week offers tourists the opportunity to discover the richness and history that exists right on their doorstep.  Plus, it’s great for businesses and local economies too. That’s why we love it.

However, does it go far enough?

The online platform dedicated to supporting English Tourism Week is great for posting events and tourist attractions, but as it only takes place once a year, it is rather limited.

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Imagine you’re a tourist who decides to visit a National Trust property, wouldn’t it be great to also find out about other local events taking place in the same area? It certainly makes for a richer experience, and it’s exactly what the Zapp Active Appis designed to do – alert visiting tourists about your events.

With its competitive rates, accessible mobile technology and innovation, you can rest assured that your business or event will be part of the tourist treasure trail.

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