With the uncertainty of Brexit and other challenges facing small high street businesses, it is natural to be concerned about the future of your business. However, despite these current challenges, engaging and building a local community hub can give you and your business a boost and help your community to thrive.

A community hub is an opportunity for your local customers to get together and be inspired by each other. Whether it be organising local community events, discussing local community concerns or supporting local community causes, it is a space where everyone can benefit. It is also an opportunity to discover how your business can serve the local economy.  By providing a space where customers can connect, your business can be supported to succeed.  

So how do you go about creating a community hub?

Start creating events that you can invite the community to; perhaps an open day or a demonstration/talk?  Whatever you plan, make sure it’s relevant to your business, as well as something that will be of value to your community.

You can also use the technology of the Zapp Active App, which puts your business on the map. With it’s locator-feature technology, you can become visible at a touch of a button and be the light in your community.

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