With Good Morning Britain viewers left recently outraged by former [BBC] Apprentice, Jessica Cunningham’s belief that the nativity needed to be modernised to reflect the diversity of the UK, it begs the question: what benefits can diversity can bring to our communities?

Traditionally, small businesses have found the subject of diversity difficult to address largely because they are not sure what it means and how they can implement it into their own small businesses. For many, diversity seems a vague concept of equality; however it is more than that - it is about valuing difference and the opportunities that differences can provide.

In our modern society, diversity has become more prominent and impacts all sectors as it is reflective of the society we live in.  It is also key to small business success because it can offer unique perspectives not considered before.  If we take a closer look at our very communities, we might be surprised by the diversity that is present,but often not reflected in local business.

As we know, local businesses thrive on local custom, so by not representing the diverse community, could local businesses be missing a trick?

After all, local businesses seek to meet the needs of local communities, but if you assume that your community is like you with the same values, perspective and outlook on life, then it is likely that your services will be reflective of this - meaning that you may be missing out a whole section of the community by not being aware of what their needs are.

Becoming aware of the diversity in your community gives you a great opportunity to grow your business by providing relevant services for different sectors of your community. Plus, it can have other positive repercussions that might not seem immediately apparent.  By catering to a diverse section of your community, you can build a regular customer base: instead of going miles out of their way to find a business that does cater for their needs, they can come to you instead.  It will also help to develop community relationships which can only benefit the whole community. And finally, diversity offers a set of options to your customers.

The UK is known for its multiculturalism, which brings its own brand of rich, creative and unique communities. By celebrating these qualities, and actively highlighting the diversity which is present, your business can thrive, especially with the Zapp Active App, which is all about celebrating communities and highlighting the excellent services and activities that take place. With its location-base technology, you can be sure that everyone in your community can thrive.

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